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Enjoyed the bond these cousins shared, especially the music!
Good story. I was confused by the opening, but you tied it together in the end and then it made sense.
I love Chris Tomlin! So, do I get to join the cool granny club?

Your title is precious and tied in perfectly throughout the story.

I love the relationship you have described between these two lifelong cousin friends.

I had a bit of a hard time following along for the first couple paragraphs, but as soon as it became evident what was happening... the road trip... everything plunked right into place. Good work, Cheri
I loved these quirky cousins, and the equally quirky writing. Lots of fun from beginning to end, and a really awesome title.
Haha. The title is so unique, and it really got me curious.

I liked how these two ladies had every little detail of the trip planned out. It was fun seeing them go back and forth about the checklist and their plans.

Oh, and Chris Tomlin is awesome! :)
Love the delightful relationship of these two cousins. Nicely done. I like th POV.
This was fun. Good dialogue, too.
These are some really cool 'rockin' grannies! ^_^ I loved their characters and how they got together for this whole trip. The dialouge was such fun, I really loved to see how it all folded out. ^_^
I like it. The relationship between the two cousins is described very well, I think.
Loved the story, loved the cousins, loved the title. Great job all round Debbie, well done :-)
I was right there with the ladies. Loved everything about it! Excellent.
Excellent job Debbie!

The title and explanation of the title in the article were absolutely super.

The detailed checklist dialogue and paragraph about the CDs were very engaging!

Great work, keep it up!
I really loved these two quirky grandmas. This was just fun to read all the way through. Well done!
Very unique title. I wondered about it until I understood the "why" of it. Great, leaving that until near the end. I don't relate to the "rockin' grannies" though. I still have a bit of the "old fashioned" in me. And since I don't have children--thus no grandchildren--to keep me up to the times, I couldn't relate to that part. But I did have a close-in-age cousin, whom I love, but we live far apart now and I don't get to see her...Loved your story. It was so NOW....Helen