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A very nice comparison. Very few people get to experience that kind of childhood.
Thank-you for giving us a little insight into Jesus' childhood.
Ah...thank you for sharing this shared experience.
Thank you for bringing the reality of Jesus' childhood to life. Well told entry.
Very creative! I liked this piece.
I appreciated the flexibility of your phrasing, which averted the possibility of monotony. Question: Did you mean to imply that Jesus would have known the same wood varieties that you did? Finally, did you consider the ultimate linkage between Jesus and wood - a cross?
Short and very creative. The comparison gives the reader the chance to view the variety of wood that Jesus would have used and the craftsmanship of His handiwork.
Insightful, I agree with the comments on phases, but nicely done.
Well done. For me, I'd have found it easier to read if it has been separated into different paragraphs, like 'free verse'. But that's coming from quite a literary uneducated point of view. I loved this piece. Well done.