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Would love to see this expanded. You did a great job of showing the frustration of your MC. Maybe more description of the end would help. Could just be me, though.
Oh! That ending was a surprise. Will the REAL Pasquale please stand up? LOL!
Oooohhh **groan** You got me at the end, too! It didn't occur to me that it might be an impostor bad doggie...poor Pasquale; blamed for a deed he didn't commit!
The clues were all there in the opening paragraph. Nice twist at the end. I wonder what the real Pasquale was thinking as he watched his imposter
AWWWW.. poor doggy! He is innocent and yet all assume him to be guilty! Hope he got a special treat.
Made me laugh out loud! Thanks!
I liked the twist at the end. It made the story very fun. Thanks for sharing. :)
Ouch. Poor dog. Loved the tale, thanks for sharing.
What a hoot! I love a surprise ending, especially if it's true. Well done.
Wowzer, your ending made me gasp! Well done!!!!
heehee! I love the twist! I didn't even see that there could've been too dogs! Great job, especially with the last line! ^_^
Great twist and surprise ending! I was left wanting more details about Pasquale and the imposter. Nice job. Blessings, Cheri
Oliver Twist is at it again! What a great story. Can you do a sequel? It's too good not to have more, sweetie!
A dog imposter! Didn't see that coming. I think that if the paragraphs had been broken into shorter ones, the story would have flowed more easily.
Oh I loved this! Nice twist at the end, didn't see it coming at all. Well done.
Certainly didn't see the twist in the tale coming. I thought it would turn out that Pasquale was after a snake. Good story, especially showing the frustration of both the neighbour and the owner. Well done.