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How sad and, unfortunately, true for so many. Truly, much is little without God.
I love the disparity here. You did a great job depicting the lifes of these two different women, and what a perfect title. Great job!
I enjoyed reading of this pioneer woman and seeing how her day was spent. Her love for her children and husband was heart-warming. Your second vignette was sad and happens all too frequently today. Your title says it all, "Little is Much When God is There". This entry is nicely written.
What a great comparison of how things have changed, including attitudes. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all appreciated the little things God gives us? Your message is powerful. Nice descriptions. Well done.
You have a really natural way of building a plot and setting. Just beautiful. Some inner dialogue from your main POV character would give it a more personal touch and would engage the reader more, helping me to understand why she is what you're explaining. Your ending was unique in that you left me contemplating the message of blessings left on the shelf. That was brave and very effective in this piece. Makes it more than just a story...a message too.
What an interesting piece...I loved the vivid descriptions of the first mother, and cringed at the second. The contrast was distinctly sad...
The contrast works well, and shows how spoiled we have become, and how ungrateful we can be, especially without a relationship with the one who has provided us with everything. I also liked your title.
What a contrast between the two mothers and their homes! I savored the peace and joy you portrayed in the first scene, and I recoiled from the unhappy picture of the second. Good job! :)
Excellent job with the contrast. Your descriptions, especially in the first part, are very sharp.
Your title sums up what was not directly pointed out. Nicely done, I liked how you let the reader figure it out for themselves. The contrast between the two familys, with practically the same circumstance was amazing! I liked the first half best though-lolz. Nicely done! ^_^
Indeed one of the secrets to a good life is a grateful heart and the way you contrasted these two generation showed this very well. Red ink: in the first scene I think staying with one POV (point of view) would be more effective. Keep the reader in the way the woman perceives things. Even when the husband returns you could let her look at somethng that he gave her to show his love. Do this rather than jump over into his thoughts.
In the second gernaration theme, I think getting into the woman's POV would once again work, comparing it in some way to the things the first woman experience. I'm rambling, but hope this makes sense, because I really enjoyed the way you contrasted the two and delivered a great message to boot. Loren
Very nice! I love the similar lives and contrasting attitudes of these two mothers. For Red Ink - Some sentences need a comma - don't be scared to use them if you need to. :) If she (the first mom) has only 2 sons, you should use "older" instead of "oldest". And try not to start a sentence with "There are..". Rearrange the sentence - "Neighbors are scarce" for example, instead of "There are few neighbors".

Very thought-provoking. You've made me reexamine my own attitude. And the title is awesome!
Oh my, Naye, how clever. I loved this. Great writing, my friend!