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Hmmmm! This is very interesting, several different things going on here, with the angles and the POV. I was a tad confused with the italics until I reached the end and realized what they were. I'm glad that she didn't 'give in'. Good for her. ^_^
Fast paced. Loved the sweat line. Not sure about the ending and getting it, but I see that you are VERY good at writing and description and great phrases!
Great title--I wasn't at all confused by the switching POVs and I enjoyed the back-and-forth aspect.

My only issue is with being on topic: even though there's an uncle in it, "uncle-ness" doesn't seem to be a necessary characteristic. It could have been almost any character playing that role.

So glad that God sends "uncles" into our lives, though!
Saved by the uncle. I got a little confused too with the switches, but with the availability of a few more words and some adjustments, this could carry a lot of impact.
I can sure relate to this one... and God always does provide an "out" if we are willing to see it. Your MC almost didn't, but her uncle knows her well.
You have good descriptive phrases "the air was blue" and "elephant sitting on an anvil" (I'll have to remember that last one.) :) I think the uncle cared enough to try to "save the day". Poor Sadie (great work with her character).
I like that you portrayed the enemy of our souls with a sibilant hissing sound...that let me know right away who was talking in her ear. This really gives an image of the tempter and how we have to be ready to call on Jesus to keep a grip on our decisions. The Uncle who came to the MCs rescue is a nice touch.
Very good descriptions. This was a VERY good read!
Good job showing the struggle between good and evil. That was a very wise uncle--just in time, too. :)