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Good for you! This was engaging, intriguing, tender and thought provoking. Thanks for telling a new story.
I've never thought of this before. You painted a realistic picture.
You did a wonderful job of showing the human side of Jesus. It was entertaining. You could feel the love he had for his grandparents. Good point about the struggles Joseph and Mary would have faced where their reputations were concerned. Overall, a very enjoyable story.
An intriguing take on an otherwise obscure childhood. I am uncomfortable with the miracles as Jesus is presented in the New Testament as coming out of obscurity at the age of 30 or so. Indeed the only (apocryphal) story of a miracle performed by the boy Jesus is recorded in the Quran. But in saying all that, I think there’s a lot of mileage in exploring the humanity of Jesus much as you have sought to do.
I like that you used your imagination to tell this story. Since it is just a story, I think the use of imaginary happenings are good. I have a few questions, or comments, though. You mentioned about Jesus having two young sisters, but He also had younger brothers. You didn't mention them. Perhaps in your story they were not "in the picture" yet, but came later. Who knows? And one other point, and that is about the mention of Jesus and John playing together and visiting. John the Baptist and Jesus did not see each other--according to the Bible--until they met on the day that Jesus was baptized by John....Also, as one other person mentioned, nothing is said about Jesus performing miracles in His growing up years. As that person mentioned, Jesus came out of obscurity when He met John on the day of His baptism. But that's okay. You told the story well, and it was very enjoyable...After all, it WAS just a story, one to be enjoyed. Nice work...Helen
I know it's a bit late to leave a comment on my own article - but when Jesus did his first public miracle changing water into wine his mother had said to do has he had instructed. She must have already seen her lad perform around the home with his supernatural abilities.