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Your title led me to this beautiful memoir of your childhood. What a good way to pass it on to your grandchildren now. They will have memories of us on our laptops or cell phones but still spending precious time with them as grandparents have the time to do. Thanks for sharing... well written with sweet memories that would bless her if she knew.
I loved how you led us through a week in the life visiting your grandparents, touching on the sweetness and memories within those days. Really nice.
I played "Hide the Thimble" with my grandmother too. :) I remember her wringer-washer on her Monday washdays. It was sad reading of your grandfather's injury due to a schoolteacher's thrashing. I could relate to so much of this, the Rack-o, the embroidered pillow cases, her long white hair, etc. What a heritage she gave you.
This is a vivid portrait of the grandparents who grew up early in the 20th century, with their particular challenges that made them strong in faith. So well done!
A truly beautiful story. I loved the part about washing clothes. I remember those days so well. It was my mother that taught me the art of washing with wash tubs and wringer. Every Monday during the summer was wash day. I did this for years as mom said I needed to learn in order to be a good housewife. When I married the first thing we bought was one of those new fangled automatic washers.