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Just lovely. What wonderful memories you have and now you get the opportunity to make memories with your grandchildren. Life is beautiful, isn't it?
A wonderful story, full of nostalgia.
This is a phrase I've not heard (and I like it), "we knew they’d love us up real good". Your memories recorded this way are very heart-warming. Are there others in your family who would like to read this? You've brought back a lot of "precious memories" for me with this.
What a simply lovely story. Those memories certainly are precious for sure. I hope you dreams come true, and that your grandchildren have as much fun playing on the farm as you and the other kids did when you stayed with your Grandma and Grandpa. Beautiful story, thank you.
Hope this is a true story. The memories are wonderful and you told it beautifully.
Your love for your grandparents and their farm life really shines through.

Since you asked for red ink: Your first line didn't really hook me; there was nothing there that made me think this story was going to stand out from other "I remember my grandparents" stories.

Your writing was very true to your title: precious!
Your details rang true and echoed some of my own memories. I appreciate your telling of these important parts of your life.
"Life has a way of traveling full circle." Oh, yes! Absolutely! Great transition that makes me want to reflect what I am bringing full circle.
Just like your title suggests-these are special, precious memories here! This read like flashes of life in and out for me, and the ending was good, it fit just right! My favorite line though was this one:

"Each time we came to visit, we knew they’d love us up real good."

Made me smile! ^_^
Tag, you're IT! I can almost hear you crying as you write this story...such blessed memories of your godly Grandparents. What a wonderful heritage to pass on to your grandchildren, who will some day be grandparents.
These memories are indeed, precious. You made me want to visit the farm. Nicely done.