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The grandad's thoughts add so much to this piece. It's sad to realize he can no longer communicate, but his "reflections" are lovely. I'd like to know more about "Home Children."
Hearing both sides like that was wonderful--Granddad's thoughts added so much to the story. What a situation for a child...
Oh, how wonderful to have the grandfather's thoughts, unimpaired, the backbone of this gentle story.
I liked the parallel between the grandfather's story and that of his grandson. Vivid, beautiful descriptions, too.
Excellent writing and a piece of history I know nothing about. I loved the Grandfather's reflections and laughed when he said, "I didn’t like it, but it doesn’t say anything about liking it, just doing it."

I'm glad I got to read this.
Masterfully done as always. Grandad is a great character. Thanks for bringing him to life.
I love that you gave this man dignity and showed his thoughts. This is a great read.
This is why I ventured to Masters to take a peek. Very visual, yet simply told. You blessed me very much.
My goodness, the masters just keep dishing out the excellence. This is exceptional.
What an absolutely beautiful piece. I devoured every word.
This read like something out of a history novel. I am really getting to enjoy your work and the way you craft such wonderful stories! I honestly couldn't find much to change about it, except for I think the MC and the grandfather had the same name-so it kind of mixed me up a bit, otherwise, it was really good! ^_^ I liked reading the grandfather's thoughts.
There's a lot to learn from this story in many ways. Stroke victims may look like their lights are out but you sure made it clear that isn't always the case. I love the love and the tenderness in the grandfather's thoughts. This was a very moving piece.
I love seeing both sides of this story, and I am also very interested in learning more about "Home Children."
Beautiful, vivid descriptions that kept me engaged throughout.
Awesome. Simply awesome.
Wiser? I would certainly say yes when he refelects this to us, the reader: " ... I didn’t like it, but it doesn’t say anything about liking it, just doing it. I learned plenty about forgiveness and grace living with those folks."
This piece has a disturbing beauty about. Eloquent in its delivery, commendable for givng a voice to a wise man unable to speak but with much to say. Love it!