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Some wonderful thoughts! Thanks for sharing!
Some good strong word pictures. Just felt a little left out by the obvious American slant and the 'brotherhood of man'.
You certainly have a fine command of the English language, but this is about Easter, not the 4th of July. It wasn't hate he died to save us from; it was SIN. Your line, "The brotherhood of man steeped in the Majesty of respect, tolerance and the Sacredness of loveand eternal justice" seems to miss the mark. It was not "Justice for the brotherhood of man" that nailed him to the cross, it was grace. We were not majestic, He alone was. We are invited to partake of his glory; a gift we were not worthy to recieve, but given in love by the hands of mercy. The only "unifying force of Love" is Christ. We are united in Him. There is a real enemy, but it's not a mere emotion. It's an evil being that was defeated at Calvary and his defeat was openly manifested on that Easter morning when Christ arose and led captivity captive. If I were an agnostic this piece would be quite impressive, but as a believer, it leaves a hollow, emtpy conclusion. Your agenda overshadowed the beauty of the empty tomb.
Every word counts in this poem. I love phrases like: 'forlorn furrows of Grief converge upon the immense landscape... they are so rich in nuance. A strong social conscience piece, with resurrection at its heart, if not Easter.
A very interesting take on the topic. This is one that needs read more than once to really take it all in- there's a lot there!
Although a bit off topic this is a commanding poem, full of viber and truth.