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This was a good story. It held my interest and left me wanting to know more about how Delores came to the Lord. Loved the descriptions of the two girls in the beginning.
This story gives encouragement to never give up sharing the message of eternal life. In the space age, we always want instant results. Sometimes we have to wait for the answer.
This is a great story. Loved your description 'Band box fresh' was a favorite. It really begs to be made into a longer piece with more detail to how she came to the Lord and maybe some of the dialogue at the funeral. Heck....Why not start another novel? That's what ends up happening with all my fiction challenge pieces. LOL
I love the concept of the lifelong friendship of two such different people, and the climax of Delores coming to faith on her deathbed was such a relief! Your descriptions are great. I could just see these two girls / women. The sadness of the lack of talk about her 'inner beauty' sums up the futility of striving for bodily perfection but neglecting the inner beauty. Well done!
I was sure I commented on this peice earlier in the week! Anyway. . . :-)

What a good friend Carrie was. A good reminder of what is important in life.
A friendship we can all learn from. You touch the heart of the reader... IMHO, a gift bestowed on few. Great job!!
A well told, heartwarming story.