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Well-written and filled with emotion. This is a touching story.
Oh wow! This is so heart-breaking. It sounds like a true story. I can‘t even imagine all that you have been through. Your ending (which was a beginning for you) is very powerful. You’ve contrasted the actions of your mother with those from your church very well. I like this, “Love is the purest form of sacrifice.” Your entry is very good and your verse reminds us that Jesus is the ultimate example of “actions speaking louder than words”.
You caught my interest with the first three sentences. If you didn't personally exoerience this, your work is certainly believable. If you did...bless your heart! Thankfully, though, there IS a wonderful ending.
What a sad account. I'm glad the mc finally found a place of peace and love.
This story touched my heart. Whether it really happened to you or not, you made it totally believable. I have a feeling that you will be moving up to Masters soon enough. Thank you for sharing. :)
Haha. Crazy me. You said it was a true story on the forums, and I totally overlooked that.

What a powerful testimony you have. I really appreciate you sharing how the love of God completely changed your life.
This is a wonderful story in so many ways--fitting the topic, having a perfect message, and showing what real love is. From such a background, God has turned your life around and made you a real sweetheart. I hope this one places.
Beautiful writing--you're a very talented writer!
Your piece brought me to tears. You wrote this way too well. Hopefully, the Lord will continue to take your past pain and turn it into hope and help for someone else. Three little words: HE LOVES YOU!
I have three words too---
lump in throat! This is incredible writing and given that it's a true story, I bet difficult to write. Thank you for doing so, this was amazing writing and powerful in message.
A remakable, heartbreaking story, so well told. The evidence of hurt in this child's life is summed up in this one phrase "I waited for the other shoe to drop but it never did."

That she learned not to listen for it again tesitfies to God's grace. That she sought Him in the first place is testimony that He loves and calls us no matter where we might be.
Wow. You captured this perfectly. It is sad that it is a true story, but it is also hopeful that even though you endure pain, there is real love and acceptance. It must have taken a lot to share this. you did well. Great writing. ^_^
Extremely well written story. It is just so sad that it is based in reality. You have done a masterful job here. Well done!
God surely blessed your pen and helped you to write this excruciating testimony. Your writing flows beautifully. Well done, my friend.
Love can be so hard to accept when we've been hurt by the ones who are suppose to love us. You do an excellent example of contrasting human love with Christ's love.
I'm not only bowled over by your writing skills but by the experience you lived through. Finally able to accept real love, you became not just a survivor, but an overcomer, a victor! Praise God for you and your wonderful testimony. You're our newest member of the Southern thread and we already love you-- sincerely love you. Just for you.

God bless you.
I found you, Sherry!

The terrible thought in reading your story is that this is reality for far too many children. Oh, that all could find, as you did, the everlasting arms of the One Who loves us best of all.

You write so well. God's peace be with you, friend.
Thanks for taking the risk to share this. So glad you found true love. Keep writing, this is very well done.
Thank you for sharing your heart. Your testimony is touching souls out there now...those who yearn to know the love of God. This also reminds me of 9 words to live by:
"I am sorry. I was wrong. Please forgive me..."
Oh Sherry this article is written so well and such an inspiration to others who might find themselves in a similar spot. Yes indeed, the action of love speaks much louder than words, as you portrayed here so beautifully. Love you, Sharon
Dear Sherry, You not only wrote an incredible piece, but by allowing yourself to become vulnerable and sharing so deeply, you will help and encourage others in profound ways. You have a gift for touching hearts... keep sharing, keep writing, keep believing. God Bless You! Love, Peggy
I understand this story too well... I lived it... like you. And I read it with an old familiar need to scream out... and keep screaming... until I can't scream anymore. I thought I'd finally found it... finally!... in my children... until that love broke me too. And when it did, it was the wind that broke a bruised reed. Jesus said He never would do that though. And He hasn't. He knew those words wouldn't work... not with me. So He didn't use them. He used "I adore you" instead. And then He proved it to me. Not only did He prove it on Calvary, but He proves it to me over and over again through friends... friends like you. I will be 42 yrs old tomorrow and I have a new love standing in the balance. I can't be sure what will change tomorrow besides just my age. But what I can be sure of is this... God is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. And it is out of His perfect plan for me that my path is laid. I trust Him. Great work, Sis. Thank you for giving us such a tender glimpse into your life. And I don't see that blue up there in the corner either. But you are so #1 in my book and you may never know how many lives you touch. I am definitely one of those lives. I love you! ~Treava (Sorry, I didn't mean to write you a "novel" reply.)