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The title is perfect for this very well written story. It made it even more interesting to know it was based on a true story.
Great job. Now I have to go to bed and try not to imagine anything crawling on me.
Great story. Thanks for the author's note at the bottom.
Oh I knew when she said she was getting someone to haul it out and set fire to it-that it was not going to end well. Ouch. Then the part about the wealthy lady's offer. Double-ouch. I did love the line "This is the 1920's..."
Oooh. good one with the bug in the title. lol. I saw that end coming, you couldn't set it on fire and not have something burn down. I thought the whole house and all had burnt though. Nice job. ^_^
I love how the title ties in with the rest of the story! --and what a story!
Love the voice, and it nicely illustrates the topic. Well done.
I'm going to be itching all day now :-(
Wonderfully crafted. The line "Her face was still flushed from the residual anger dancing like foxfire in her snapping blue eyes." is so descriptive! This is one of those stories where you just know what is going to happen, but you still go "Oh no!!!!" when it does. Loved everything about this one :)
Funny, funny. It is usually hard to write a true story, but you did it with aplomb! One little thing--godly and divine are adjectives, and as such, are not capitalized.
Good one. Many years ago I faced the same problem in a rented property, so the story resonates well with me. God bless.
Fantastic--I love the line about it being 1920, as if that time were so advanced (but of course it was, for that time!)
Wow! I can't believe this is a true story. Just having it written, as you've done, will be a treasure for other family members. I've never heard the name "Louette". I love this sentence, "Louette was on her knees beseeching heaven for Divine intervention, and quickly please." Your italics really brings out the humor. I enjoyed this story. Thanks for sharing a bit of your family's history.
This is an excellent piece. It's a recurring nightmare of mine, since I had bedbugs once when I was a kid, but still very well-written and perfect for the topic. I liked the touch of your note at the end.
I loved the story but ew those creepy vermin made me itch all over. I wanted to burn 'em out too, but felt heartsick when Louette lost her heirloom piece. Your true story brought to mind O'Henry's "The Gift of the Magi." Not too bad company to be in, eh?