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I really like this one - fragile egos miss blessings big time. Very creative - nice job.
Kudos—well done and a perfect illustration of the theme.
Loved the names in this poem. Creative and unique.
Cute, but sadly true and they miss out on so much! The names were great. =)
People come and go at churches for the silliest reasons at times. This poem captures that very well. I really love the last stanza.
I think I know some of these people. :) Very creative work on this...and your message comes through loud and clear. You're perfectly on topic!
I'm not usually a "poetry person", but this was so well written and the rhythm allowed it to roll off your tongue. How sad that people's egos damage so easily. Well done, well done!
Nice work; it would make a great little skit if you added a tune to it.
Wonderful all the way through, but your last two lines are fantastic!
Each character name is fun to ponder. This is a good subject for the topic, and well done.
You wrote this beautifully and taught us all such a wonderful lesson. This was really good my friend and I loved the voice of it.
I read this aloud and enjoyed the flow along with the great message. Excellent on topic!
Both topical and poetic excellence!
This is brilliant, in content and in message. Well done.
I'm also not a poem person but I hung on every word of this one! Excellent! I love the names and you sure hit some common issues that cause bad feelings but with such a lighthearted touch. No wonder you are in masters :-)
What a great job intertwining the story of each person in this poem! Impressive, as always, Sweet Verna!
Oh you did just fine with the meter on this one! ^_^ I liked how you described each of the characters and why they'd left. Some great imagery, I could see the hat, the cake and the choir. Nice job! ^_^
Oooo, a non-fiction entry. ;-)
"Miss Betty Sue Bartholomew
Told others it was wrong
To cause her to be late for lunch
When preacher preached too long."
I'm laughing, but I think I know her....
This is so sweet, but packs a mean punch underneath. Great job!
What you just said - isn't that the truth! And too, because they all left we are somewhat bereft at well! I always like what you write and this is no exception.
Oh so true! Love the rhythm of this and the characters you portrayed. I think we all know some of these people-and ARE them sometimes, too!
Coming from a person who just doesn't always "get" poetry, this was both a fun read and so sadly true to life. I think there were a few of your characters have been in my church. Great job, Verna. I really enjoyed this.
Congratulations on your EC! :)
***Congrats, Verna!***
Congratulations on your EC, Verna. You are a masterful poet. :)
Congratulations, dear Verna! You deserve to have this one in the book. Your message is clear and done so delightfully via poetry. I love it.
Congratulations on your EC, Verna. I love your poem!
I think you covered the dissenters pretty well, dear Verna. I imagine these types in ten years wouldn't even remember why they left,just that they did. For those who are looking for the perfect church,they'll never find one because there isn't one, just as there isn't a perfect marriage nor a perfect family. Very good job! Loved it!
oh Verna, so sorry I didn't say Congrats to you on my reply for the Winning entries. I was thrilled when I saw your name on the EC list! I just forgot when I was replying. Forgiveth me!

Your poems have such a wit , but also a Truth ... like everytime!
Go girl, with that poetry! No one understands us poetry people, but I love, love love when readers do "get us." And they certainly " get you!"
How pointed, petty and pompous we can be, this has much emotion and so many lessons. THANKS and CONGRATS.