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I loved this, the last lines about his own shepherd brought the whole story to a very satisfying conclusion.
This was very satisfying.
A lovely, gentle story. I expected the one true shepherd and you didn't disappoint! Super!
Well done! Excellent tie-in to the topic.
I really enjoyed this. Great dialogue. I envy his sweet and gentle nature as I have had to work for mine! Very nice.
I loved this. Peace oozed out of it and the dialect was perfectly done. (flavorful yet readable) A beautiful piece!
Great gentle flow. Good use of dialogue and enjoyed the tie in to the topic. Me thinks, another reason he goes to town is to share about his Sheperd. He is also a man who understands authority and apparently, even though mild mannered, carries himself as one of authority to scatter the trouble makers like he did.
God bless,
Oh, how wonderful! You know what I liked most? The collie leaning on Thomas's knee. Such a beautiful liitle detail that adds a whole new dimension to your writing. Gorgeous ending, too.
Wonderful! Well written and left me with a warm, peaceful feeling.
Beautiful story - you created such a soothing atmosphere that the rough boys were an unwelcome intrusion into the narrative as well as into Thomas's life. I couldn't wait for them to move along. Excellent tie in with the topic.
Your story pulls the reader into a realm of sweet serenity. This was very soothing to read, and like the others I was glad to see the bullies move on too. Well done.
Nobody can paint a scene like you can, and this is as stunning as always. Love the dialog too - another of your specialties. Beautiful in every way.
This has such excellent detail. I could feel the sheep, the grass, etc.
My favorite, poetic line was:
"Thomas sauntered down the narrow path to the village, enjoying the sunshine, the breeze, and the melody of the birds in the trees."
You just take these little slices of life to a level that is clearly masterful. I love everything about this gentle story. The details put me right into the scenes being played out and they all ring true. I absolutely love this entry!
This is a quite a work of art. Very stunning.
This story told so masterfully lingers peacefully in my mind to savor again and again. You really do know how to tell a story!--This is one of the best I've read this week.
This is a beatifully written story with a wonderful lesson! I love your creative idea for this.
I could just keep reading and reading this. I loved the setting and the characters and your writing style. The message was an added and much appreciated spot-on bonus.
You put me in the middle of the scene. I loved the dialect/dialogue. Charming. Great job.
Your writing never disappoints
the reader... at least no this one.You can really push words around until they sing a song!
I like this. I really like this. You paint a lovely picture of a mountainside and a shepard with his flock and a little bit of adventure, it reads like a first chapter that I want to read more of and to see where the story goes and what happens next! This is a favorite of mine. Awesome writing! ^_^
I really liked the way the Lord as our gentle shepherd was weaved into this story.
Loved the lilt of his voice, and his interaction with his animals. Wonderful tie in as well. Keep up the good words.
Another masters entry that is just soo strong and polished. wow. I liked the visuals here. It just "felt" real!
I loved 'listening' to this story; it was so picturesque, and masterfully written.
Ann, I just re-visited this piece, and I love it even more. I'm going to feature it for the Front Page Showcase for the week of July 7. Look for it on the FW Home page, and cangratulations!
Just superb (as I said before). I was curious which entry would be selected for the showcase when you became a 500 member. A wonderful choice with a wonderfully vivid storyline and message.
How great to see this on the homepage this week. Congrats on being the FW 500 Showcase author.