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This is warm and tender. I wonder if it is based on truth. I feel like I know all three of these sweet babies.
This was endearing. What an insightful mother--I loved her. This could lead to other stories as the kids grow, and grow, and grow. Good job.
A very clever take on the theme—neat title too.
I'm all teared up. My little one just turned one and I loved your descriptions of the smiles and laughter.

My favorite line? "the three of you gathered in His name will be an example of God’s body working together" And the scripture verse is perfect. That should be on a plaque in the house.

You should write a letter for each anniversary of their birth. What a beautiful gift.
Adorable--what a blessing these little ones will be!
Thanks for the brick or i may not have made it to this devotion. Keep these precious children trained up before God and you will truly be blessed. Thanks for sharing the joy of these three dear hearts.
This is a truly beautiful tribute! You whispered in and out around each child and described what made them-so incredibly special. I loved the end where you reminded them to stick together and where that dear girl with "shoes" is so after my own heart. Wonderful writing! In the company of each other(and God)-I think they'll do just fine! ^_^
What a wonderful tribute and a Blessing you have given these three little ones. You have made them feel special and precious (which they are) and encouraging them in words of faith. How lucky for all of you to have each other to call family.
Your love for each child pours from this piece. Your descriptions of each one are wonderful. This will be a treasure for them. If they have baby book(s) I'd include this. I love how you wrote this for the topic. It's very nicely written.
Blessings of the best kind times three!! Tender and well written!
This is tender and beautiful. It would be an interesting project for you to write just such a "letter" each year, then give copies to them at a pivotal point in their lives...graduation, for example. I felt like I'd like to hold each of your little ones.
So touching and heartfelt! Thanks for sharing.
Oh that was so lovely. My youngest granddaughter turns one next month, so I can relate to this. Precious, precious babies. Beautifully written!
Oh, this is so sweet. This should be put in their baby books so they can read it when they get older. Very, very nice and Happy Birthday to these 3!
Dianne -- Congrats on placing in the top 15 and top 40 overall!!!!