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Thinking about it now . . . . Judas is remembered for the company he kept at the end. He had the best company in the world and threw it away. Ironic title. Well written story.
This was a good POV for the story and the topic. Nicely written piece.
What an interesting POV--I have to admit that I never stopped to think what Judas might have been thinking.
I love your descriptions of the desciples, especially "Thomas was such a misery-guts".

Then at the end... "But he recognised that the holy men gathered round him were just as consumed as he by greed, jealousy and hate. Their veneer of sanctity was a charade, their self-righteousness a delusion. But Judas didn’t care. They were no better than him, he was no worse. They were all just the same." A good take on the topic.