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This is fun. Love the "fowl" language sprinkled throughout. Well done.
You can't tell me you weren't laughing when you wrote this. "egg on your face", "across the road" LOL.
Delightful. I love the line about becoming chicken salad.
Well, my goodness, this is incredibly delightful! I love the word play, the message, the poetic perfection. You're definitely where you belong!
I love all your chicken-talk :) from the "biddies" to "fly the coop" and "scratch out our existence".

This is perfect for the topic, "Since we’re branded as birds of a feather, By the kinds of companions we choose."

This is a wonderful poem. You should be proud. I love it!!!!
Oh so funny! Love the play on words-the poor little chick has a lot to learn. I like the "chicken salad" line, too! You're so very clever.
What? There are people who do not like word play? They should be tarred and feathered.
This is so good! It was a very clever thought that the name "chicken" comes from the fact that Peter denied Jesus.
What more can be said? Truly Masterful!
Your writing is amazing, your pen golden. What wisdom you are able to put in so few my meangingly verse. Thank-you for putting a smile on my face today with this bit of truth and witticism.
I love the "egg on your face" comment too. This is hilarious - a fun read!
Great fun! I love word play...and I love this entry!
I enjoyed all the plays on words, and I don't even know if I caught them all. Great job strutting your stuff.
Oooh, I just found this one. It is too funny...Chelsea Chicken! Heehee. I like the line with scratching their existence in the world. That's really great. ^_^
I Really love this entry. It is a refreshing change of pace and right on topic. Thank you so much for submitting this one!