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This one reminds me of another saying: "The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill." You've captured the sense of bitter-sweet and responded to the theme well. Nicely done.
Wonderful atmosphere and sense of place. You captured the mood masterfully. Excellent.
This is a wonderful reflective piece. The tone is perfect for the message. Well done.
Lovely piece and wonderfully written.
So sad. Beautifully written.
Oh wow ... this is beautiful. I sooooo enjoyed this read. I lived every moment ... wow.
Ths story and your sense of timing are excellent. The story just keeps unfolding a little at a time like a treasure wrapped in layers of tissue paper.
Oh my, you've captured one little, melancholy moment just so perfectly!
I felt her regret, lost time, wrong decisions...beautiful writing.
This is lovely. I enjoyed every word and pictured the whole thing in my mind. Nice story. Excellent writing.
This is so sad! You made it very real for me with the sounds and the phrases like the broadway clips, etc. The promise ring was a good thing though, I liked how it showed things changing so when the ending came, it fit right in. Nice job. ^_^
I think you summed up perfectly what Elizabeth had missed.
"“But life is more than love, I know,” he said. With that, he’d kissed her on the forehead, and gently said, “Let me know when it becomes the other way around.”"
There was so much I enjoyed in this story...loved the 2nd paragraph. Also, the ring spoke volumes. Excellent writing!
This is superbly written story. It's too bad you mc did not see that the glitter of love was the lasting glitter.
This is beautiful. Your descriptions are so vivid, and you captured her emotions perfectly. Great job with the topic.