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Nice story. This would be a great story for young teens. Good job staying on topic! Very good storytelling! Great writing!
Great details especially. I could picture the action very clearly.
Great dialogue... kept the story moving along and interesting. Good job and right on topic!
Great story. I felt attached to your MC and I was so proud of her for running. You had me right there. Good description of the house. Bravo!
Good for Carla, like the fast pace.
Oh. Oh! OH! I got so nervous for this young lady! I'm so glad she ran. I know the word limit didn't let you take it where it needs to go, but I see great things for this story. Great job.
Nicely done on the challenge topic. I could see the story through your descriptions. I love how you end it with her calling her big brother.
Wonderful dialogue, and a really pleasing mix of dialogue and action. I liked this one a lot, and the framework of the brotherly conversations works for me, too.
So very well done and so realistic for the girls of today and their fastasies of stardom. Perfect example of the topic. Good action. Great writing.
I hope this makes it into the public spotlight. SO many could be ministered to, and it would hopefully decrease the smut on the internet that I have to work hard to 'block' from my kids. The Lord is in this. Thank you!
I'm so glad she got away, and also liked the ending.
Wow. I sure didn't see that end coming. I thought that Kevin would overheard that she'd called him a camera nerd. Nice job with the different characters, I'm glad that Carla' came to her senses in time to get out from the situation. ^_^
Glad she got out of that one! Good job on giving us the picture without the details. You hit the topic well.
I agree that leaving the details to the imagination of the reader about what exactly was going to happen made the tension more realistic. The MC is very true to life and I like the way you leave the reader thinking about could have happened.
Excellent dialogue and vivid discriptions. I was happy the MC made the right decision.
Yea Carla, run like the wind. Your story held me all the way through and I honestly wasn't expecting that ending. I guess I'm a bit naive, but was glad to see Carla's inner strength help her to take the right course.
Good story, but it left me wondering if the friend picked up what was happening or if the "friend" was in on such an awful scheme. This is only too real, but glad she was a fortunate one to get away.
Great story for the topic. I like the intro and wrap with the brother on the phone.
Oh, so so good. Great pace and energy and I am so glad she beat feet away from that situation. Very smooth presentation. I hope thhis inspires many teens to do the right thing as well. God bless.
Chrissy, congratulations on placing 9th in your level and 22nd overall. Great job!