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I loved this story and the voice was so real for a little child. Yiur descriptions were wondeful and the story was told in such a matter of fact manner, it seemd very real.
Oh how sad. The child's point of view gave this a fresh tone. Nicely done.
Great take on the topic. Drugs are the perfect illustration that not all that glitters is gold. Tinfoil indeed.
Oh, I am crying like a baby! You will never have any idea how much this story reached in and grabbed my heart. So well-written, I felt like a fly on the wall. This one needs to get out to the public...
Amazingly powerful - I so ached for that girl. Excellent job of sharing an adult story from a child's eyes. Wow.
I often counsel addicts of all kind and the treasure they seek is never gold. It is only sorrow,brokenness and destruction. Thanks! Good job!
Brilliantly done and exactly how it is for too many children of addicts.
You did great with the voice of this story - it sounded just like a child would. And while it's sad, you offered hope at the end. Enjoyed this tremendously.
I'm so glad you included Bessie and gave us hope for the family. It makes me want to be someone's Bessie :-) Poor little tyke.
Loved the voice of this story. Thank God for Bessies. As I read this I kept thinking of the topic, "All that glitters is not gold.." That's the truth! Well told.
What a powerful story. Well done.
Great title for a powerful story. The child's POV really drew the reader in and the voice was perfectly done.
Well done with this story told from a child's perspective. What agony children of addicts have to go through both at seeing the parents degradation and their own heartache and suffering.
Your well-written story is a sad reality for many. Very creative work on this.
the innocent view through a child's eyes - very good!
Heartbreaking, devastating, and written in a perfect voice. You're definitely a master of wordsmanship!
Oh, this is so heartbreaking. Your descriptive writing pulls your reading into the scene. The title is perfect for the piece. Excellent job!
I like this! It's another favorite of mine this week. The darkness is there, but it doesn't overwhelm, the light and the hope and seeing this story through the eyes of a child make it something new, I enjoyed the read and especially the end, great writing! ^_^
You have broken my heart with your story, and that's what good writing does.
Thank you for the glimmer of hope. I was fully engaged throughout.
Only through the eyes of a child could this story be told in such a compelling heart rendering way. I loved the strength of the little girl and God bless Bessie!
Debbie, I'm back reading this for Jan's class on atmosphere. I know when I read it, I liked it (see comment above) and now that I understand more of what you were doing, I like it even more: ) Loren