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LOVE your title, and I was tapping my toe to the rhythm. Great rhyming!
Fantastic! So many perfect illustrations of the topic, a verse that ties it all together, and a poem that was a pleasure to read.
Excellent poem! I like the rhythm and the stories in the poem - great lesson. :)
I absolutely loved this! How sad, though, to go through life missing the best hoping for the better.
I'm thinking this guy might be the perfect definition of a "loser" - literally. Nice flow to the poem and an enjoyable read.
I love this poem and its simple, but eloquent message. Well written and very nice to read.
Excellent writing. This is great in that you told so many different stories on topic then tied it up in the end. The stanza about the ring was my favorite. Ouch! And the 2nd to last one about old age. Wonderful.
Wonderful verse that is right on topic and full of colorful descriptions. You created a vivid portrait of someone who was never content with what he had.
A finely crafted poem.
So sad he never learned the lesson.
Don't usually read the poems, but your rhythm worked for me and I enjoy it so much, expecially the scripture tie in. THANKS.
This is wonderful. The poem was very fun to read, and I really liked the example after example format. Great job with the topic.
Oh how special. I loved reading this. Great message and flow. What a fun poem. Keep writing for Him!
Each stanza is a wonderful little snippet that I could picture so vividly. Excellent showing of the topic, and the rhyme and meter are, as always, just right.
Perfect illustration of topic. I like the way it was carried through the poem.
This witty, wonderful, right on topic poem is such a delight! Love the lilting rhythm, the skillfully woven rhyme, and the deep, practical advice. Great poem!
I read this aloud and loved it. The rhythm is perfect. Excellent job with topic.
You never cease to amaze me with your consistency to come up with grand poems to express the topic of the week. It has to a gift and I want to thank-you for sharing it.
So glad I got to read this! I like the easy way you take us through this fellow's life, ending with the last verse that was my favorite of all. Great job and Congrats on your win! ^_^
Verna -- Congrats!!! Excellent illustrations and so well written. Your last stanza was PERFECT.
Congratulations on this satisfying win! It is a celebrative saga.
Congratulations on your EC, Verna. This is very, very good.
Such wonderful truth here! Congratulations on your EC!
What a splendid poem, so very on topic, and I love the punch line Scripture reminder. This goes in my favorites, and I'm tickled pink to see you won the judges' attention to boot. Congratulations, friend!
I absolutely LOVE THIS! It's so clever, so adorable, so full of truth, so original that I am trying to find a way to erase your name and insert mine as the author. (So far, no luck).

It seems to me you get "betterer and betterer" all the time. And you can tell I don't, because of my spelling! You're the best!
This poem is excellent, catchy, well written and I love seeing that it is based on Scripture. I will add it to my favorites. Thanks for writing it.
After reading your latest winning entry for the challenge I had to go back and read several of your pieces. This is one of my favorites, as it is such a great lesson put within a humorous poem, that flows. great meter and rhthym. Love the messages you bring out. I just love your poetry verna. Praise God for the gift he has given you hon. It sure is a blessing to many. Hugs.