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Bravo! Bravo! So this is only one of the first entries I've read but I've already declared it a winner. Wonderful writing! Loved every word. And I am so glad your relationship with Bob is still going strong LOL. What a thoughtful husband you have!
Blessings, Lynda
nicely written! :-)
Yes, this is one of my favorites.
Loved this..... Who can't relate to Bob? Such creative juices! I smiled all the way through it.
Okay, this was just super! I've just begun gardening but I know how you feel about Bob. What an incredible husband. He may not know about Salvia, but he does know about the relationship of woman or man to tool!
Delightful story. He could have bought a new shovel but he helped revive the old! Lovely insight.
Just beautiful!
Loved it! Very fun read!
Great work! It is wonderful when those who love us take the time to discover what it really is we want or need rather than taking the easy road. A very fun read.
I laughed out loud--that was great!!!!!!!
Wonderful! Bravo!Many of us have different things dear to us as Bob is to you.How beautiful to see that love can be broken down into everyday life,with everyday things and everyday people.Thanks for sharing.God bless you.
Excellent entry! Bravo.
Perfect! This has got my vote! #1
"... sometimes, love is as simple as a Valentine Shovel named Bob." Beautiful, entertaining and profound! And congratulations on placing!
This is one of my favorites of the week. As a gardner and a sentimental person I enjoyed this very much. Great job!

Simply great, full of wit and wisdom. You have a fun, easy-reading style that demands an encore. Congratulations on your win, and keep submitting!
This had all the heart of an artichoke. Skilled in an earthy sort of, "name-inanimate-objects" sort of way. Seems like I read somewhere that if you write about verbana you really should know that tomatoes do not like Evian. Nicely crafted piece with just enough guilt to get me out to the garden, where Bertha waits for me to till the soil - one shovel at a time. Congratulations - may Bob serve you well long after the preserves are preserved. -- Ben :o)