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All the best for the new year - lots of time left to show us your talent. The judges are fair I think but there are a lot of buddies scratching each others backs -I also only think.
Your entry gave me a chuckle. Hope you will feel further inspired in future weeks :)
Hi there.

I definitely took this as being written "tongue in cheek," and had a bit of a chuckle when I read it. Not quite on topic for the week, but I felt your pain. :-)

However, I thought it would probably be good to explain why we have a break between the Challenges.

Every quarter is made up of ten topics. This makes for ten chapters in each FaithWriters' anthology. The anthologies are made up of the Editors' Choice winning entries from that specific quarter. That means 10 articles/stories/poems per chapter, per book. The anthologies have a very specific theme, and that's why the topics for each quarter all follow that theme.

Once the last topic for a quarter has been finalized, time is needed to contact current volunteers and potential new volunteers regarding judging for the next quarter. This takes quite a long time and then a roster has to be prepared to cover each week. I usually only just get things finished by the time we're ready to start again.

So I'm sorry you had to wait a few days after the New Year. I had actually considered making it the second week of the year to allow a bit more time to prepare things, so it could have been worse. I hope you'll jump into the current Challenge.

Also, a great place to connect with other Writing Challenge enthusiasts is on the Message Boards. That's why there are quite a few people who encourage one another by leaving feedback as the week goes by. I'll be giving the all clear for "hinting time" in the next hour or so. If you want to be involved, pop over to the boards and jump into the community.

To respond to Colin's comment, the judges are very fair. They don't know who wrote what, and have a set of 9 criteria to rate each entry on (the list is over on the message boards for anyone interested).

Anyway, hope to see you with a "bird in the hand" entry this week.

In His love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Hmmmm...did this get submitted on the no topic week :> I hope that you do well this year.
I had so much fun reading this! I almost did a double take at your title! Thanks for the laugh. ;)