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I love this - all your images are tantalizing and perfect, and what a wonderful message you send. Masterfully written.
Of our five senses, I Never thought of this specific "sense" before, when thinking of a Church. But this descriptive entry has shown me that there is a certain aroma, and/or smell to a Church...and it is true! Good job, and creative also. God Bless.
I hadn't thought of it before, but yes, I remember smells from the kitchen at our church while I was growing up! This is very creative on the topic and well put together. Very inviting to read and enjoy.
This is a very creative take on the topic with the descriptions making wonderful pictures.
One of the better devotionals I've read here. Awesome hook, superb examples, wonderful lesson.
I agree--this is a really good devotional. See if you can submit it to a church magazine or newsletter.
This is certainly food for thought.
I think that sentence will stick with me for awhile. Very good job! I liked the descriptions and especially the different scents.
What a creative take on the topic. You did a great job of getting the reader to "smell" the church. I'm amazed that you could write a whole article on smells -- and make me smell each one. Wonderful job with the topic.
Congratulations on your 2nd place entry!
Congratulations on your 2nd place. This was one of my favorites because it is so unique. Great job.
Congratulations on your well-deserved win. One of the least sought-after gifts of the Spirit is the gift of helps which was very much in evidence in your entry. What a unique approach to the subject! But I'm coming to expect that from you as you just keep getting better and better!
Karen, this is wonderfully written and extremely creative! I love all your examples! Congrats on your EC!
I relate fully to your article. A few weeks ago a local soup kitchen closed down in our town. Our church responde by inviting the homeless to lunch every day for a week. Before all was said and done we had fed over 2000 hot meals (full dinners at that). East Brent has never smelled more like a real church than it dit that week. Thanks again for offering insight to what "church" really is.
Congrats on your EC, this is truly awesome.
What a neat take on the subject! I have certainly been in church buildings that did not "smell" like a church. I'm glad mine does.
WOW! AMEN! May each of us exude the essence of Jesus Himself, sweet and full of His selflessness and compassion. I truly love this piece. Praise God! Great imagery!Makes me feel like I am in every place described, even for a moment. Thank you for writing this! Again WOW!!!
Must admit I really enjoyed this, its right up my alley, although I think some of the fragrances are missing. Let's just say, I loved it.