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I liked your repetition in the beginning, and the connection between the two disparate personalities. Much to ponder.

This kind of felt like two different stories - could be me, but I didn't quite see the exact tie-in between the beginning and the end.
The first two paragraphs were AWESOME, as was the story of these two wounded may have lost a bit of focus in the last half, but there is certainly plenty to mull over here.
I didn't quite see how the second half fit 'home group' but I sure did learn a lot from it! :-)
Interesting and educational story that inspires us to reach out beyond our own culture. Very nice!
My favorite part:

"Oh," said the man. "So you are one of those Christians!"

This was said in the same tone of disdain the Muslim scholar had described the night before.

"I am a follower of Jesus, if that's what you mean," my wife said.

Well done. I loved this true to today story. Keep up the great writing!
The man's demeanor was instantly transformed. "Oh, we love your prophet Jesus! Did you know he is in our Koran?"

"Yes," my wife said. "And did you know your God is in our Bible?"

I love this conversation. Reminds me of many conversations I have had at my front door. Funny how I'm always the one opening the door instead of knocking on them. :(
I thought the bash the church bit was a true reflection of home group life and liked the 'Koran exchange' too.
I do like how you brought out how some cold some churches can be. If I could suggest anything at all (and that is a big "IF"), it would just be to include that not all churches are like this.

Overall, I think this was a wonderful entry. It was very thought provoking, and held alot of wisdom. Great writing!
Good grief, can you tell I did a bit of rewriting, and not very much checking before I hit submit? lol Loose nut behind my keyboard today, sorry! :)
Very thought provoking. I think a better transition between the two examples would illiminate the feeling of being dijoined. I like how you tied them together in the end to make your point clear.
You brought out good points about our conduct in our everyday lives as Christians. Even when we go to church, we forget the real reason sometimes why we're gathered together: to love each other!