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Hehehe this was TOO funny! I wonder who's face was redder, hers or the pastor's?
Very funny. Real life experiences are almost always more funny than any we could make up:) Good job!
This is great! I love the title, and the "incident" is hilarious. Nice job.
Cute title, and entertaining entry. This topic could have been a tad boring, but you kept it light and funny all the way through. And the fact that it actually happened, makes it all the funnier! Great job!
This is so real life Christian service & ministry. Wonderfully written, well-handled subject.
I'm so glad you wrote this - and wrote it so well. Great story. Great message. And really, really funny. Excellent writing!
Cute and funny story! You really had me involved with the MC's fear of speaking to a crowd and I didn't expect the ending at all! True life IS funnier sometimes.
How funny! You've told this very well!
Wonderful! Fun to read and I felt her 'pain' all the way through.
I needed to read this after today. Very entertaining and well presented. Thank you, Faithwriter. God bless.
I could feel your MC being uncomfortable. This was well done, and with just the right touch of humor. Loved the ending.
I was chuckling throughout this piece! Great job!!!!
Great title, and fun story to read. I have a similar story--our pastor once forgot his mike was live and he had it on while he, um, visited the little boy's room right before the service...
I wonder how many hcildren Pastor Tim has! This is a great, funny piece -- some of our best stuff comes from real-life. Good job
Okay, your title had be interested and your last line was a keeper! This is so hilarous, I liked the "TEA" and how in the end, a rehearsed speech wasn't what really mattered, but getting a message out for real.
Oh my, that was hilarious. I would have loved to have been there for that one!
Very well written. I felt your anxiety and your desire to please God with your words.
LoL. Oh, that was gooooood!! I'm still chuckling over that! Great job! Hugs!
I think we have all been in your MC's shoes at one time or another, and you've done a masterful job of telling and completing the story.
This is such a fun read. Very cute story. Well done!
a great slice of life for sharing. nice use of your space and choices of what to put into the story and what to indirectly reference.