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I absolutely love this format. Very creative. And a great job with the topic.
E-mail encouragement—great idea, and a wonderful tool for those of us who are far away from so many people we want to be an encouragement to. Good work.
Wonderful story. I liked the email format and the ending added a whole extra layer to the piece.
It's amazing how simply you related "the rest of the story" at the end, with the original e-mail...just a few words, but Wow! I admire your originality.
Very creative. Maybe a lil wordy, but maybe that is just the conversational e-mail way of communicating. Anointed message from a heart sold out to the Lord. Thank you for ministering to me. God bless.
Very creative format, especially. I was with those two all the way through.
I like the "Joshua / Caleb" aspect of this! Great writing!
How bittersweet-to have a chance to return desperatly needed encouragment. Your character really understood his friend need and didn't even hesitate. Nice job!
Mid - the html code in the title happened to me one time too. I agree - its ack.

This is really creative and original. Because the conversation seemed more formal I expected some sort of surprise at the end but you got me anyway. Once I understood it all became clear. My email friend and I write similarly to one another. The descriptions are delightful and the underlying message about a chance to return encouragement is poignant.
Unique, creative, and a modern way of encouraging each other to hang on to the Lord. I've had emails like this myself. It means the world to have friends that support us with the word and remind us of God's promises.