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This is so sad. You did a good job of describing Jenny's circumstance and her personality. And a very interesting take on the topic. Sunday school isn't always sweet and nice, even if it appears to be on the outside. Nice job.
This tugged at my heart. I felt like I was inside the mind of this precious child. Your attention to detail in her thought process was nothing short of amazing. Esp. the part about her noticing the dirt under her fingernails and curling them under.....I NEVER did that as a child! :)
OUTSTANDING! A beautifully simple story built above many caves of deeper meanings. One of my favorites I've read so far this quarter. God bless.
I wish there had been some resolution though I know that so many people like Jenny slip through our "Sunday-go-to-meeting" cracks. Well done.
This is exquisite writing. Painful in its intensity, brutal in its dissection of our lack of true spirituality. But did it have to be quite so bleak? Don’t you think that even a hint of something positive, whether in word or kindness, would have left Jenny with hope to hold on to? Not to mention the reader…
What good writing to leave us all in such turmoil over this little girl. My heart hurts for her and others like her and there are lots. Great writing!
I want to take Jenny home with me!
What a beautifully written story. It reminds me of a girl that I used to take to church with me. Did she feel that way? And where is she now? Ouch. I am praying for the "Jenny" in my life right now. God bless you for reminding me of her.
Jenny is a real being that we see somewhere nearly every day.
You teach as you write.
Aww, I love Jenny. Precious little girl, even though she doesn't have much. This was a great read.
You told your story so well that it broke my heart for all the Jenny's who are "different" but yet so beloved by God.
Okay this is the 3rd story in a row which has made me cry--now taking donations for boxes of kleenex--this was sooooooo sad. How terrible that children actually live like this. This was well written and you expressed the emotions quite nicely. You are a blessing with your writing. Keep up the inspirational writing and I'll look for donations in the mail:)
Ouch! An indictment to look around - even in our churches there are those we overlook. You presented this in a very real, empathetic way. It is in a word, sobering.