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Cute story!
This was a cute story. I like how the man was able to give Jonah the attention he so badly wanted. Good job!
I think I know why the teachers swapped classes! Very entertaining.
" What the world needs now is …" being yelled at, or "love, sweet love?" Good illustration of the truth of the latter — and a whole pile of patience and wisdom. Good work.
A lovely story of tender care and transformation.
I got lost in who was talking to whom and doing what – especially in the dialogue-rich section in the first half. I wonder if it might not have been clearer to use Lucy as a central character in the third person
Aha! Obviously Lucy was the big talker among the girls since she was picked to pass out the papers. I know that trick. This was a cute story.
This was delightful. Well done!
Very nice! A good teacher is so important. It was great to watch the teacher gain the respect of the students. Then they were able to learn.

I have one more qthing to say/ask. You mentioned this is based on a true event, so is one of the characters based on you? Mr. Linday? Jonah? he he. Inquiring minds want to know.
This was a different twist than I was expecting. I liked Mr. Lindsay's approach to the 'problem' bet Sunday School was tons of fun after that. ^_^
What an interesting twist -- especially knowing it's true. Sunday school isn't always pretty and sweet like so many of us like to remember -- it's full of sinners just like everywhere else. This was an interesting take on the topic -- and well written.
I didn't see that ending coming. Nice job of relaying events that actually happened. This was an enjoyable read.
Hi Kristen. For those with enquiring minds - I was the teacher, 'Mr Lindsay'. And as the readers have probably guessed, I have been trained as a primary school teacher.
Uh! Oh! Looks like we'd better behave ourselves now, or Mr Stone will put us in the Naughty Corner! :)
My journey as a Sunday School teacher was not as successful, I'm afraid.
Powerful story knowing it actually happened. A real challenge to put yourself in the place of a little girl. You pulled it off well.
You certainly captured those kids - and I love the total change in tone, that somehow seemed so natural despite its suddenness. Enjoyed this very much.