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I have to say that the title made me read this, especially the word "SIMPLE", now there's a plunge. None-the-less, I think some points were well made. I'd add that besides being a choice and an honor, baptism is a command. Thanks for sharing your opinion.
More true to your writing if you left the word "Simple" out of your title. :) Also, I'm not so sure we can always walk through life with "a peaceful smile" on our face; and, I, definately, plan to go to eternity with more joy, than peace, on my countenance!
Serveral well-developed points--thanks!

A tip that might help you "punch up" your writing would be to find a "hook"--something that will grab your readers' interest. Another thing that I've been taught--don't tell us what you're going to tell us...just tell us!

Keep writing; your faith and convictions are very evident.
The only comment I would make would be put a space between paragraphs. Your points were all on target. I had never thought about why water before, your explanation is feasible. Good job.
you made good points. I like the part about water being the perfect vehicle. What better way to symbolize death and resurrection. I agree with the others that shorter paragraphs are better. Keep writing. Thanks.