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I am STILL laughing about the music selections and after-church activities. I remember my parents jokingly saying that the church I grew up in set its service time so that we could "beat the Baptists to lunch."
This totally delighted me! I could relate to it, as it reminds me of some of the skits we have in our church (the kind of church with drums, electric guitars, and people wearing shorts or jeans)that humorously portray different worship styles, etc. I could picture every type of service, as we've been to them all. Great job!
Very, very creative! This was a different way to submit to the challenge, and it was extremely funny and sadly true.

Good one. Maybe we could do it sometime like Ezra did it—everyone standing all day to listen to the Word of God—wouldn't that shake up the place.
This is taking 'seeker sensitive' to the max in a church! Clever and entertaining - but I hope we're not going there! Original and so near its scary! :)
Very creative, and hilarious! Great job!! :) Cat
What a hoot! ROFL! Did one of our members write this?? heehee! (I'm a preacher's wife ;-) ) This is hilarious! What fun!
A very creative, tongue-in-cheek entry. This was funny and only too true.
How clever! I can see why you enjoyed writing this. Got a bunch of giggles - and a bit of shame - as I went through this. Good stuff.
Very interesting and creative approach to the topic. Good job.
Refreshingly different and so close to the truth! Very creative!