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Your descriptions are so vivid and engaging. Excellent characterization - you truly made me care for your folks. This blessed me.
I really enjoyed this story! Mable and the other characters come to life in it--I felt as though I were right there inside the main character's mind and seeing everyone around me.

Beautiful portrayal of how an elderly, disabled lady had such an impact on the lives of others and is properly respected and honored.

The title drew me in, as I'm familiar with the hymn. It's a favorite of a friend of mine I met at a nursing home!
A sweet slice of life (reminds me of one of the dear Senior Saints at our church)
What a beautiful story! I loved finding out that the women was apparently a victim of a stroke or some such, but was still so clear-minded. Lovely story.
This was very good. I feel like I've gotten to know these characters very well:) How funny that Mable came face-to-face with a former Sunday School terror! Too funny... and to see that she had made an impact on her life -- very good job! Wish you well on this one!
Excellent job! Very anointed writing. Seriously good. God bless.
Oh, I haven't heard that hymn in years! Thanks for that, and for this lovely, sensitive story. When my daughter was in a wheelchair, she felt "invisible"--she longed for human kindness like this.
I liked, "she listened as if it was the first time she heard the story." To me this revealed so much about the character of the saintly old lady.
Old and infirm but with a heart of gold full of God's love, that shows not only in her mind but in the love of others for her. Good visual image of your beloved character.. Good job.
I loved the ambiance of this story and I think the lopsided smile is the perfect touch.

You did a wonderful job on this - I loved it.
The sensitivity of the younger folks toward the elder woman is lovely. You have a gentle touch with the hearts of the characters.
Beautiful story. Very heart-warming and sweet. Well-written.
I love you MC. Great characterization. Well done.
What a beautiful story, and such a lovely reminder that we should value and treasure those among us who are old or disabled in some way. They have as much to offer us as we have to offer them.

This is a beautiful story... Your expressive descriptions made it easy to feel along with the MC.
Hard not to get caught up into the story. Good voice in this piece. Good job.