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This is just lovely. The prayers are especially poignant. You have a wonderful sense of atmosphere here.
Love the deepness of this story, and you've written some beautiful words. I like how you stated that serenity found him, instead of the other way around. Great descriptions of what Paul was experiencing.
I really enjoyed reading this! Great use of vivid, descriptive verbs such as "fumbled" and "molded his body" made Paul come alive as someone I could see and even feel with, as though I were right there. Great dialogue, too--I especially liked the guy on the ship saying, "Rats everywhere. Some as big as dogs."

The unusual title also sparked my curiosity and drew me in. Great job!
I love a good quality retelling and interpretation of a familiar Bible character, and this one. Your story drew me onto the ship with Paul and the others. I enjoyed reading this.
I love your little details--the fig, the captains' exaggeration--things like that elevate your writing above the rest.
Wonderful details that gave your story life and breath. Loved this glimpse into Paul's life and what might have happened. The whole journey feels God breathed. Lovely.