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I especially love the nature imagery - particularly the first two stanzas. Wonderful word choice especially. Felt right on rhyme and meter-wise. Flowed nicely. All I could find error-wise was one subject-verb combo that didn't agree. Wonderful (and I'll miss these!)
Beautiful and lovely. The rhythm flows well, and there's a feeling of serenity which matches the dawn subject. Wonderful!
I love this poem, and it fits the topic. I felt a sense of peace and calmness while reading it.

Some may find the alternation of rhyming between 1st line and 3rd line in the second stanza and then the 2and line and 4th line in the first stanza etc. a little annoying but I actually like it and I think it makes it interesting.

Good Job, I love it!
Can I have this in my back yard? Simply lovely!
Many, many lines to love about this but here are my favorites ...

Stillness comes from deep within,
Peace and wonder fill this hour
Praise and glory to begin-
Lord, please fill me with your power.

Breathe new life into my soul,
Fill my needs with your embrace.
Every day you make me whole
With the knowledge of your grace.

Pure poetry - so, so lovely.
Lovely poem, filled with joy and calm. I like the lilting meter, and the progression from enjoying nature to worshipping God.
Very well done, love the imagery bundled up in this. Though most rhyming would seem forced you have done so quite well. Good job.
Beautiful imagery and a very sweet, sweet moment shared here. I'm there, with you, both physically and spiritually. A VERY nice set of verse. Well done. Ghengis Khan liked it, too. ;^)
Beautiful poem. This is one of my favorites.
I know you always want to critique a piece so that the author can continue to improve. But how do you criticize something that speaks to your soul. Or a piece of writing that reminds you of the lovliest morning of your life? I pray you continue to share the blessings of your gift of poetry with the world--and of course with your friends here at Faith Writers.
What a beautiful poem. I love how it flows. And it does indeed fit the topic because it brings a calmness over me when I read it. Wonderful imagery.
I felt so relaxed after reading this. Lovely word pictures.
This poem is as fresh and gentle as watcing a sunrise. I felt like I stepped into a moment of suspended calm; it expressed the mood of the topic perfectly. Very well done!
I think I will just agree with Pat Dye. This is lovely. I saw a place where the subject/verb might not agree, but overall all it is great.
Excuse me, I meant Pat Guy. Very sorry.
This is definetely "on topic". It leaves the reader with such a sense of peace and calm, and also hope and promise. It's beautiful. I love it.
Love this nice, calm poem. Very relaxing.
Beautifully written with well-chosen images. I felt calmness infused in each stanza.
Chrissie, your poem is so lovely that it melts my heart. It brings the soft, gentle, soul-refreshing beauty of Nature to me, and reminds me afresh of God's Wonders in Creation. Thank you for crafting this wonderful, inspiring beauty into divine Poetry. God bless you, my friend. Love always, Miriam.
I'm SO glad I chose to read this before I started my day! What a blessing you have given me this morning. So peaceful, refreshing, and encouraging, all at the same time. Lovely, natural rhyme and rhythm - this just flows in my soul. :) Cat
You've painted a beautiful picture here. It so aptly sums up the idea of 'calm'.
I love this poem - it flows easily as a country sunrise. Great imagery and "feel."
Very pretty! I love the image of daisies yawning--so many pretty things in this absolutely sweet and calming verse.
This is really good. The meter and rhyme are perfect. Even the last lines of each stanza make their own sentence/poem! Great job.
This is simply breathtaking! Rhyme and meter are perfect, and this adds to the physical and spiritual serenity you so expertly describe in your poem. Nice job!
Beautiful imagery and a wonderful, peaceful tone throughout.
God bless
Beautiful imagery. Very soothing and calming. This is extra nice.
I love this. I love all your work. I wish my days would start this way.

I really liked the yawning image of the daisy and the dew kissed roses. Morning is my favorite time to clip my roses, so I often get filled with that dew.
You have a master's touch with beautiful, vivid descriptions, lyrical; what more can be said?
So beautiful, Aunt Chrissy! ^_^ Just reading this has slowed my hectic day a few paces. The imagery, the words-fit so perfectly. Awesome writing! ^_^
What a beautiful way to begin each day and your sharing it with your words and talent causes God to nod his head and brightens us all.
Absolutely Beautiful Chrissy!
Simply lovely! Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem. Linda