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Right on! I love the insight and enthusiasm in this entry. My husband and son laughed when I bought myself a rocketship cup from a resaturant we stopped at on my way home from the Writer's conference, but it was too cute, and it was red, and guess what? I love my rocketship cup! When I put my ice tea in my special cup, I feel like a kid. I feel happy and like life is an adventure. That's why I love this entry. To see life through a child's eyes is a perfect way to be excited about life again!

I like the parallel paragraphs toward the end that all begin with "Rather than..." Nice touch.
Much to like - and learn - from this piece. Your descriptions, especially in the gift-giving, are very engaging!
Being a new grandma of triplets ( 7 mo.) I eagerly await what I know will happen... lessons taught from them to me.. and the joy of seeing life once again through the innocence of a child.. you captured it here... I want that kind of open heart to hear God speaking to me through all the little happenings of the day. Great writing.. and good reminders! Dianne
This has so many good insights to ponder, that I'm reading it as a devotional. A very relevant devotional for me. Thank-you for sharing.
Wonderful story/devotional. Very good advice here.
Congrat Sheri! I knew this deserved a win! Celebrate today and know you deserved it!
What a delightful devotional, more than worthy of your win. Congratulations! As Christians Jesus rejoins us to recapture the wonder of our childhood and your story about your grandson is an excellent reminder.
Bravo. This really spoke to me and convicted me today. Thanks for the blessing. Oh...and CONGRATULATIONS!
Thank you - this is a great reminder to appreciate and show enthusiasm for what God does and gives - and not be controlled by fearful thinking. Whenever my husband mentions travel, instead of anticipating a wonderful adventure I immediately worry - what will we do with the cats, what about this, what about that...
In the hum-drum of a rainy day at home today, this really inspired me. Thank you for reminding me why I should jump off the computer and get down on the floor with my kids right now. Beautiful insight!