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This is a beautiful retelling of the Bible story. You brought the Samaritan women, and the whole scene, to life. Nice job.
This is really splendid! I love the descriptions and the interpretations of the character's actions. While I read this, I was thinking about how Jesus was often found speaking to women, and including women though they had a lowly status during His time on Earth. This retelling of the familiar story is wonderful!
Good reworking of a familiar Bible story with fresh insights into how the encounter might have affected the Samaritan woman. I thought that the ending was spoiled by the comment about the disciples being surprised - ending simply with “she let go and ran ...” would have been much more dramatic. One other thing: I wasn’t at all clear as to what you met about Samaritans being an adulterous liaison between Jews and Gentiles. That’s not something I have heard before.
A GREAT job of giving us the Samaritan woman's perspective - very insightful. I would drop the last line - took some of the punch out. Great characterization.
Oh, wonderful story! You've really captured the 'I'm right there' feeling for the reader. You asked about the last line. I think I'd leave it out too. The line about her realizing who Christ is takes care of the surprise element and the sudden dropping of the empty jars ties in perfectly with your perfect title. It doesn't really matter to me who the men approaching are either. Great job making this Biblical story come to life!
I don't think you need the last lilne, either. However I think you have a wonderful allegorical opportunity working with that phrase of the "empty vessel" . Like the Biblical passage itself, there is so much to see and consider in this piece.
Wonderful, wonderful story--I love the little details you put in, like kicking at pebbles, rain on her arm...that's what makes her real to us.

Lose the last line.
I loved the title. The description was perfect. The last sentence is not necessary though, unless you were continuing the story.
I agree that the last line is not necessary. The ending is quite powerful without it.
Well done.
"Letting Go of Empty"...This title is what drew me to read this article. How often we hold tightly to "empty, worthless things," that burden us. We all need to focus on "the Living Water." Beautiful story.