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I loved this story! Wonderful dialect, characters, and message! The characters came alive--I sure wouldn't want to attend a church led by that preacher!

The title also drew me in--a personal name always sparks my curiosity.

Great job!
That would be my favorite ever day in church, too! Why do preachers have to go on and on? I love the voice of the MC, and the revealed hypocrisy of the minister. I suspect he preached so long because he knew his own heart needed grace more than anyone else's. I had a bio. prof. who told me that preacher's reveal their own personal problems in the topics they focus on the most. (He was also an ordained minister.) I like your story and the theme.
The first sentence began with a grammatical error of a "was" instead of a "were" I was going to by-pass this story; however, THANKFULLY I read on - and found this to be part of the character; so glad I did! Great story - enjoyed the read and held my interest throughout until the terrific ending. Good job!
This is a great story. Your dad and Jack are the unlikely heros while Rev Davis is the villan. You held me from start to finish. If this isn't a top 40 finisher there are either a lot of great stories or some judges with strange taste in literature. Keep up the great work.
I can't say enough good things about your story. Bravo! Wonderful in every aspect!
The voice of the mc is just right in this clever, delightful story.
I too saw 'was' in the first sentence and thought, "Oh dear."
BOY am I glad I kept on reading! I was chuckling almost the whole way through.
What a way to bring your mc to life.
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I love this story from start to finish....However, I now miss home :)......Good job Kate!!