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Woo hoo! I'm pretty mild, until a bully, of any sort, steps into the picture, and then, look out! God doesn't like people being mistreated by a bully. While all the encounters may not end as happily as this one, we should not let that stop us from stepping up to the plate and taking a swing at injustice! We know God is for us, so if we get in trouble for standing up for what's right, we should remember that God will turn it to good. I love this story!
Deee-lightful! Super read! It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! (*.*)! Great Title to go with a super story!
I was amazed at how skillfully you got so much into so few words. Like an artist that knows how to add a touch here, a dot there, a little curved line... Can I take lessons?
A great example of how to be bold and do what's right. And of course I LOVE the title. Great job!
Alright, this is good; albeit one little POV shift. Caught the ol boy. Although a bit overdone, the way it was put together the story worked out. Put this one in the puppy pen.
This story was delightful. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your mc's boldness bring results.
Nicely written - drew me into the story right away and kept my attention. I like the way your worked the resolution out. :)
I LOVE A GOOD ENDING!!! And that's about as good as it gets.
Hey You--
you've definitely chosen a bold topic as a vehicle to encourage your reader to live their faith, and built it on a foundation of rock. I love the name Mr Shruly! Sounds like a used-car salesman.

Very satisfying read! You really know how to set up a juicy conflict, using fast-paced dialogue and uncomplicated characters--even hinting at subplots. Have you thought about novel-writing? (Just a note: "orientated" was not the correct word when I was in school; it was "oriented". By now it's such a common misusage it wouldn't surprise me if it's acceptable!) Love your title, too--good job!

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