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Oh dear, Mama really missed an opportunity there, didn't she? I'm glad, though, that you ended it this way rather than in a more predictable manner--an element of really good writing!
This is a scary piece. To think of what the world will be like, can be frightening even for adults. You pulled me into the child's world. Good work.
Poor thing! How like a child! A good lesson to us parents on the perceptions our children might have about what they hear concerning the 'things of God.'

You did a great job on conveying this lesson. Very vivid writing about the imagination of a child - well done!
Well, this is a great story and it sure did capture my fears as a child, too, when I heard the same kinds of stories in church! It's hard for children to imagine a world so frightening and different from the one they know now. Great writing; I really like that last line.
Brought back memories of my childhood, things people said, caught in my imagination and relentlessly gnawing away at my world. This is such a great lesson of how our words and actions can impact our youth. We have an obligation to the vulnerable and it should not be overlooked for one of the reasons you bring out so well in your article. Great job!
I'm quite perterbed with the mother! ;) Not only for sending her daughter back to bed without offering any sort of comfort, but for taking her daughter to the meetings in the first place!

Magnificently done! I was hooked from beginning to end.
You nailed Fearful! I remember watching end time movies at my main stream denomination church as a young teen. They did little more then frigthen me and made me want to avoid the subject. This was well written. Good job!
What a story. I remember as a child hearing stories of the "Last Days" and I many times I felt just like Therese. Great story, well written...
Definately a scarey topic for kids!! This was very real--right down to the mother, unfortunately. (thankfully, though, not all moms do that!!) Good job!
Your story help me captive from beginning to end. I really was swept up in it. Well done!
Good grief! I meant 'held' me captive! Sorry, loose nut behind my keyboard!
Well done. Your story pulled me in and I felt the little girl's fear. The ending was a nice twist.
"Therese didn’t want to belong to “The Remnant,” but she didn’t want to belong to the Beast either and end up in the lake of fire."

To me, this was the most disturbing line in the story. To be introduced to the "left behind" fate so clearly and yet, still not want to embrace the Lord and become part of "the remnant." I know many people of all ages who are like this little girl and I just don't get it!

Rather than taking issue with the mother, I was more upset with the unbelieving father, whose attitude surely influenced his daughter's opinions about God and the message that was presented to her at church.

You vividly captured the topic here. Very well written and very thought provoking! Excellent job!
O Man! This stirred up a variety of emotions in me, opening up a personal can of worms.
I've also had problems with a lot of end-time teaching which seems to use scare tactics uncharacteristic of the message of the rest of Scripture. Yes, there will be terrible times ahead - especially for the disobedient. But God's church is going to rise victorious - and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. Am I a heretic? We can only wait and see.
But thanks for the courage you showed in bringing this to light. We need to stop and think soberly at times.
This is a very brave entry – some Christians are fascinated with the end times to the exclusion of all else and this is a thoughtful analysis of some of the dangers. I particularly like the way that Jesus doesn’t even gets a mention. He’s there all the way through the book of Revelation but sadly he’s sometimes sidelined in the midst of all our charts and prophetic interpretations. No wonder the little girl is terrified when the source of love, faith and hope has been left out of the picture!