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Oh, this is wonderful. I followed along breathlessly waiting for the momentous, life-altering decision to be revealed. Then I burst into laughter! Wow, great job. Loved this!
Hahaha! Loved it! Thanks for making me smile.
This is funny. All the way through I was trying to figure out what she was about to have done. Good job.
As I read this, so many possibilities went through my mind for the procedure she was about to endure. I literally laughed out loud at the end, and I never do that. The best thing is, you played absolutely fair, choosing precisely the right words to lead us down the garden path. Excellent!
I'm usually the deer in the headlights, but I guessed what was going on here and enjoyed every minute of the ride. Great story.
Great Suprise Ending! I almost didn't finish this story as I figured it was going to be one of those "Pro-Choice or Pro-life" scenarios; however, I thank you for proving me wrong - it was most enjoyable, enchanting and delightful ... with a chuckle to boot! Thanks a mint! I loved it!
It's been a long time since I entered a beauty parlor, but I don't remember going through this process for a cut and dye.This is well written, however. And what a surprise ending!
You got me! But, in my vast experience, the RESULTS are what leave me frightened...I can't tell you how many times I went home and said, "Why'd I DO that?!" Expert writing kept me pinned to this story all the way through. Thanks for the much needed laugh this morning!
You scared the mess out of me!!! Good grief...

I too don't recall changing into a gown just to get my hair done, but I understand you needed a certain level of pretense; can't fault you for that. Job well done, from beginning to end!
I went through all that emotion with Maggie for a cut and a color job?!? Oh!! But I'm glad it was just that and not something worse. Great job!! :-) Hugs!
I thought of just about every scary medical procedure one could face including tatoos, face-lifts, and the awful A-word but never once did a cut and color job enter my mind. You absolutely capture my attention from beginning to end. No way was I going to stop reading until I found out what this one was. Wow! Really good at suspense building and yes, I was scared out of my toenails.