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Yikes! One of the scariest stories I've read so far! Really good job.
Right on target Topic-Wise. Fearful indeed! Great sleuths, even the "dumb like a fox) Lt. Columbo, had to begin somewhere and have a First Time. Exciting and entertaining read. Thanks!
Scary and real for many police departments. What a scourge drugs have been for our society. Good story and characterizations! I just had to know what happened next!
From your title I was expecting to read a story about the fear of height. While I occasionally have to climb I'm always nervous doing so, but climbing four flights of stairs to face unknown danger isn't something I have to do or something I choose to do. In my job I work with both police and firefighters and I appreciate what both do to keep my life secure. Your story is both well written and a great reminder to those of us that live secure lives because of your bravery. Incidentally my oldest son is a police officer and a member of the National Guard. Good job.
Oh that dreaded word limit. I was dying to find out what happened between "nightmare" and the next paragraph when all the excitment and fear was over — at least for that moment. Very good.
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I liked the blend of the narrator's fear overcoming her zeal to help her community. Very tense! Good descriptions throughout. :)