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An excellent way to treat a patient such as Hannah. I once worked with a doctor who said the best psychiatrist was Jesus. Good work!
An intriguing and beautifully written story! The characters, especially Hannah, come alive through the vivid dialogue.

I could relate to this, as I have a close friend with a condition similar to Hannah's.

However, readers should be made aware that the "plan of salvation" is not always an instant cure-all for mental illnesses, any more than for physical ones. My friend is a very strong Christian who ministers in loving ways to others, yet she still struggles with and suffers from the fears brought on by her illness.

Great title--the personal name sparked my curiosity!
The comparison of fear to oozing lava is awesome!

FYI--always capitalize "Bible".

I'm intrigued by the mix of faith and psychology, not often seen. Very interesting!
What a nice piece. Your writing is as relaxed and smooth as the doctor. I like how he witnesses to his patients and incorporates God's Word into therapy.

This piece is not only very well written, it's also informative. I like the way the narrator uses a relationship with Christ and words from the Bible for healing.
My husband works with persons with mental illnesses, also, but unfortunately, his agency is a county agency, and he can't be as open with the message and hope of Christ as he'd like to be. But, he can pray for his clients, and be there for them, and with God's help, show them he cares when they're struggling with their illness.
Very insightful, well written. Thank you. This belongs at a highter level. Definately in the puppy pen.
I also enjoyed reading something combining psychology and religion, both powerful forms of healing.

It might have been more powerful to have 'seen' Hannah more. Did she have any nervous tendencies: biting her lip, chewing her nails, tugging her hair, tapping her foot. If you decide to expand this I think those show details would make it seem more alive.

Otherwise very engaging. You handle dialogue really well.
Thanks to everyone who read my article and also those who commented. I'm VERY gratified by the responses. You would have no way of knowing that your responses were exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you all. And even though I didn't place with this entry, I was placed in Dub's puppy pen for the first time ever. Woo hoo! :o)