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Wow! After, during and throughout this read I became a nervous wreck! Great nightmarish scenes that are unforgetable! Super imagination escapes this author's pen. Great Job of creating MANY fearful scenarios that kept this reader running, escaping and screaming until I'm exhausted from fright! Great Title too!
With dreams like that one would be indeed fearful to go to sleep. Well done, a good way of dealing with the subject 'fearful.'
Yikes! You sure scared me!

FYI--the word "Bible" is always capitalized.

Very good descriptions, without adjective abuse. Nicely done.
I can so relate to this. I have sleep trouble too. The lucid dreams are the worst.

You did a great job conveying the progession of dreams.
Wow! Where to begin? This is the most original piece I've read in a long time. I'm amazed at how much searing imagery you not only fit in but were able to come up with - as someone who suffers constant bad dreams, I hope this is not your real world.

This part: "I’ll watch TV till the money runs out. I’ll starve myself and die. It hurts too much to try again." Brutal and incredible.

If this does not place, I will be very sad. So, good luck!!!
Well done. Jumped around the way many dreams do...snippet to snippet. Once I caught on to what was happening, my emotional involvement. My attention was hooked from the start, though.
A masterpiece of writing. The emotions and images in dreams can linger long after we wake up. (Dreams are the secret source of my most vividly described stories.) This entry was penned by a pro.