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Very good piece, especially for a Sunday School lesson booklet, etc. Good job. God bless.
On topic, for sure, the original site for confusion in a you-are-there format. Nice job.
Excellent story-telling. An interesting POV. Well done.
I'm surprised that there aren't more of the tower stories for this topic! You did a good job with the characterizations of the MC and his little one, and I really enjoyed reading this in a new light!
I guess the reason quotation marks are used in writing is to help the reader flow along when the speaker changes and narration begins. Anyway, I like the very last line when the grandson is identified as Noah. I don't agree with a previous reviewer that it would make a good Sunday School lesson, because it is not accurate. The tower did not come crashing down. The people scattered because the Lord confused their speech. If you changed that, then maybe it could be used.
Great title, and story. You nailed the topic and did it in a very creative way.