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Powerful imagery. You have a wonderful way of getting into your subject's head. Great work.
How beautiful are the pictures you paint so skillfully with words. One sees clearly your confusion and heartbreak that linger through the years. You've brought mastery to the topic.
Absolutely MASTERFUL writing.. loved the emotion, the description, the wrestling, the humanity of this ... What a gift you have to describe not only the outward scene but the inner struggle...
Amazingly vivid and masterful imagery and description. The confusion was palpable. Wonderful.
Stunning imagery, as well as a unique take on the topic. You are a true wordsmith. This was a real pleasure to read.
I felt my heart breaking when I realized the choice the MC had to make. I can't imagine a more confusing one in any person's life. The pros and cons of this kind of decision would be unbearable and far-reaching into the future. Your writing evoked the feelings of loss and self-questioning the MC was experiencing, and the setting was perfect for the story. I loved the imagery of the glass globe with the sand obscuring a clear picture representing a life memory. Beautiful!
This is a very sad account.You left the conclusion to the reader, and I choose life. Good read.
A stunning word picture. It captured me. Beautiful.
Beautifully written. I love how you painted this word picture.
I loved your combination of words. Greatly written and with such love. I was an adoptee and have met with my birth mother, I'm sure her feelings are conveyed in here! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Your abillity to capture emotions, tie them up and bring them front and forward for all to read is evident in this piece.

This tug of war with words must have been difficult for you, but I'm glad you won out and have shared it because it confesses an abiding, undying love we all hope can be found in each of us.

What we love is never lost and the search is what dreams are made of and at times, keeps us going.

Wow--what it must have taken you to write and publish this piece! I'm humbled that you chose to share it with us, and it's very beautiful and moving.
So incredibly heartbreaking. The descriptions, the setting, everything. I feel as if I am there and struggling whether to give up a precious memory of my own, wondering if it will give the release I am hoping for. Great job! ^_^
This is so beautifully written. It reads like a painting. I felt the confusion and the pain. Thank you for sharing this. Blessings!