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So many confusion entries having to do with the elderly! That in itself makes a statement. Your dialogue, entire story in fact, is realistic and well-presented.
This started out really good. It ended a little too soon. I would like to know more about the situation. Exaustion? Dehidration? Whatever. There is a really great story plot here.
A heartfelt accounting, great writing!
And the message is....? I guess I'm a bit confused myself. It's a sad story, and... The title drew me in. But what now? Yes, it's on target topic-wise, and done well.
I liked the title but it never tied to anything. The story was engrossing but ended abruptly. Needs a little more polishing but overall good, keep up the good work.
I like the title, and I really can understand the fear and frustration in the MC about her ill mother. Your entry is well written, and you have a gift for dialogue that pulls the reader into the story.
An interesting segment. I was taken back by the abrupt ending...was that by design, I wonder, or did you simply run out of time/word count space? It's definitely captivating, and it flies to the sudden finish. Overall, I like your terse style. It works well.