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Good job. I like this one. Amen and amen to the main character's outburst of righteous anger. Cleverly written. Keep it up!:0)
Yes, I can understand Kara's anger. You set the scene well.
Physician, heal thyself. I love this! Well done.
I loved this lesson for the teacher. The details are outstanding in your story.
Excellent point made to put our problems in the right perspective. I enjoyed this story.
Great story for the "Embarrassment" challenge, eh? Very, very well writen and interesting to boot; kept my interest and didn't lag inbetween takes. Loved the "true to life" type aspect in this story.
Ha! Ha! What a way to turn a "challenging" topic into truthful fun!
I like this, alot! The title is great, the story and details are amazing ... how did you put so much detail in "750" words? The ending is sheer perfection!
Terrific read! The teacher's "righteous indignation" was a genuine response to shallow self-absorption. (I say let's have MORE RI!) Your characters are sharply drawn and perfectly presented. You have the WRITE STUFF for sure! God Bless~
SO clever, and I really like your ending. Great detail. You'll be RIGHT at home next week :D
Great character description. I loved how you wrote about the petty things vs. the major issues of life that should, indeed, ignite righteous anger. And the MC is so human...just like the rest of us.
Great details bring this to life, and the embarrassing outburst was quite unexpected. Love the end. :)
Yay, for your MC! Too many people have petty grievances that they continually feed into anger and rage. Your entry is a great example of this, and you offer a good solution at the end.
Clever idea!

I'd have liked a bit more give-and-take between the people--perhaps less of the "first impressions" and more dialogue rather than a series of mini-monologues.

Another thing to consider that just occurred to me would be anger issues that defy the stereotypes--having the burly guy upset over the kidnapping of his chihuahua, for's always better to give the readers something other than what they expect.

Hope you don't mind the suggestions; your writing is excellent and your lesson well-stated.
You demonstrate so well how prone all of us are to anger. I enjoyed the character sketches. Wish you had more words to expand the therapy session.
This great article helps put our everyday anger in the right perspective. Good job!
Solid writing, with a good messsage that was well presented with its setting.
You were able to cover a lot of territory, I can only imagine the look in those six eyes staring at's hoping her opening her anger to to them helped them as well.
Lots of details! I can't wait for your Master's entries! ( two days at FW and you make Masters!) Seriously, your writing is really well done. Pay attention to the critiques you receive from other writers and you will polish your special gift even more. Congratualtions on your success here at FW! I enjoy reading your writing every week!
I'm afraid I might have acted the same way. You really stirred up emotion in me, (the sign of a good writer.) Some of what people get bent out of shape over is so *silly.*
This was a good read.
The Teacher becomes the student. This reminds me of how the enemy will found out just how much a minister really believes in what he preaches. Well done.
I'm running to see who started that 'so what makes you angry thread?' lol. GREAT job!! You worked it so beautifully--all that build up and then a super-duper punch. Excellent!! :-) Hugs!!
ps--quit looking in my purse, would ya'!!!
Priceless! You did a great job with the dialogue and characterization, I so could picture each client. Well done, as always.
A great read - very well written.
Neat twist at the end.
Great work again, Kristen! Great title and concept for "Anger." One thing that struck me was the first line from the blonde woman. It didn't seem to, like, fit with the rest of her speech. LOL Maybe the "stems from" threw me off, as that phrase seems to old for her, like, more immature dialect. Personally, I would have loved to see the counselor fly off the handle and into a big spiel about some trivial thing that's happened to her or have some hidden anger come spewing out, driving the other three to tears or something. But, that dreaded 750 word limit...sigh. You did a great job, as always. Congrats on moving up so quickly. You rock!
This was a fun read. Funny how nowadays, people have swallowed the consumerist promise of a problem-free life, and as a result can't handle the little things. Your story expressed that very well, to me. Great job!
Interesting piece. Liked the twist at the end. I was wondering how these people ended up in the class in the first place, though.