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This was so simple, yet so effective. I liked the rhythm, and the refrain at the end.
The meter and rhyme, as well as the message, are excellent in this creative poem.
Nice poem - I like the quick rhythm and simple rhymes.
Terrific poem! Congratulations.
I loved the title and the poem was fantastic. Nice job.
I'll always remember this delightful poem - everytime somebody or somethng "Bugs me" to the point of anger. Really neat. I loved it! Good job!
Wonderful poem! Great job.
I enjoyed the rhythm and rhyme of this poem. It states exactly how I feel sometimes when I let anger take control. I like the solution: prayer!
Fun poem, and especially effective for me, a bug-o-phobe. Bugs, anger: two terrible things to avoid at all cost!

Great job with the lilt of this light-hearted piece.
This is very creative and a delight to read. Very good message too.
This is just delightful and TRUE! Love it!
A poem I can certainly identify if I could only apply it more often. Great job!
I really liked the "movement" speed of this one. Very well said and true to ones feelings.
This one both made me smile and cringe. Been there, done that. Loved the rhythm. Having God's response in there was very effective. Great job.
CONGRATULATIONS on 3rd place! This is great!