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That's such a tragic story. She must have been really heartbroken...I'm especially curious, however, about what the friend of Mr. Phelps could've told her to drive her over the edge like that. At any rate, a tragic story, but a very well written piece that definitely fits the topic. Kept my attention all the way through.
Wow.. thatwas so tragic. Itis interesting to me that this story is true and passed down to you. As tragic and sad as it was ( I loved your description of her as a small child)... it is an important story to be remembered. Thanks for sharing it. It made me sad, even though the title warned me.
Wow. A solid story, so tragic. The descriptions were so well done and carried the story. Very sad.
My goodness, how tragic. Your writing continues to speak from the grave for your your grandfather and his grief and his obvious love. Wonderful, solid work.
What a sad story. I wonder too what she was told that drove her to such an act. You told this well and I like how it flowed smoothly.
How very sad. You've done a great job at telling the story.
Really intriguing. I wish we knew what happened with her that caused such a break in her spirit. But that's part of the mystery and tragedy of your story.
Your well-told story certainly fits the "sad" category. What a shame that the girl was not able to be comforted in the loss of her love by her faith.
Such an incredibly sad story! I remember being in love at Ada's age and feeling like my life was over when my teenage romance did not work out. My heart goes out not only to Ada, but to her parents, who surely grieved until the end of their days.

I personally believe that Jesus has the utmost sympathy and understanding for Christians like Ada who experience this type of extreme pain and despair.

You did a really wonderful job of telling this family story.
wow this is so sad... but so real. most people give no sign of depression or suicidal intentions. do you know why she did it? was it something the man said?